Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Science 30: Energy Technology Links

Please use your textbook and the following links to help you fill out the summary chart for the 12 energy technologies. I also encourage you to do further reading on the internet about each one! Try to think critically when evaluating sources, as many resources will be biased towards a certain technology. Please understand the science behind the technology and then come up with your own opinions and discuss with others in the class.

It is important to understand how each technology works and to know the main energy transformations involved. You must also be able to differentiate between active and passive solar energy.

Coal-fired power plant:

Nuclear power plant:

Hydroelectric power generating facility:

Tidal power generating facility:

Wind turbine:

Passive solar heating:

Photovoltaic cell:

Geothermal heating:

Geothermal electricity generating facility:

Ethanol fuel:

Hydrogen fuel cell (automobile):