Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bio 30 - DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis Links

DNA Replication Video:

DNA Transcripion/Translation Video:

DNA Replication Animation:
(Please go through the entire animation)

Transcription Animation:

Translation Animation:

This website has shorter animations of Replication, Transcription, and Translation with quizzes as you work through the steps. To get to the other processes, use the left toolbar.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bioluminescent Bacteria

The Gippsland Lakes are a chain of lakes in eastern Victoria, Australia. A combination of fire and floods changed the conditions of the water and led to the proliferation of Synechococcus, a photosynthetic cyanobacteria.

BUT... the most interesting thing about these bacteria is that they are bioluminescent, or "glow" when there is any movement. This means that this bacteria will light up when there is a wave or ripple in the water, and wherever people played in the water. Read more about bioluminescence here.

Here are some spectacular pictures of these lakes. You can also see more here.

This is a picture of a rock skipping across the water.

Wearable Pollution Monitor!

Warning Signs is a visualization of the pollution that exists invisibly all around us. When the wearable senses carbon monoxide, the piece subtly changes color and pattern to indicate higher levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere to the wearer and those around him or her. This piece was designed and created by Nien Lam and Sue Ngo. You can learn more about these designs here.

Learn Something New Everyday - Saliva!

Solar Wind Bridge

This bridge that harnesses both solar and wind energy has been designed by Italian architects.

The structure represents a bridge with large wind turbines mounted under it, between the pillars. The bridge will traverse a valley with large open space and the wind turbines will operate at high altitude where the speed of wind is higher, thus more green energy will be collected.

In addition, the "Solar Wind" will be able to harness solar energy, since its entire road will be covered with a dense network of solar cells. The latter will be coated with a see-through and highly resistant type of plastic.

It was said that the bridge will be able to generate 40 million kWh per year! (This would power half of the United States -- the largest energy consumer -- for the entire year.)

Science Art - Quilled Anatomy

Quilling is a craft that involves coiling strips of paper and gluing them into different shapes. Sarah Yakawonis is an artist that has started to study anatomy through the art of quilling. You can follow her different projects on her blog: http://yakawonis.blogspot.com/

Her attention to detail is very impressive!